Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve
Located In the Burro Mountains of Southwestern New Mexico
Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve, an 83 acre riparian and upland madrean area canyon is surrounded by the Gila National Forest in Southwestern New Mexico. Situated at 6000' on a western aspect of the Burro Mountains, Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve offers visitors the expansive feel for which New Mexico is famous. Enjoy breathtaking views in all directions, including Animas Peak at over 10,000' in the plains of the Bootheel, Peloncillo Mountains, Chirachahua Mountains, Mt. Graham, and Mt. Lemon near Tucson, AZ, 100 miles to the west.
Ecologically-Conscious Sustainable Living

   Giant Cottonwood, Populus wislizeni
Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve is dedicated to sustainable living by:
  • Generating 100% of its electrical needs from solar energy
  • Restoring riparian areas of Mulberry Canyon to improve the diverse habitat for plants and wildlife
  • Creating a safe haven for wildlife from hunting and off-road vehicles
  • Managing rain water runoff and recharging underground water supplies
  • Preserving quiet recreation areas
  • Protecting night time skies from artificial light
Education, Recreation, Retreats
Great hiking, magnificent night skies, a wide variety of wildlife, birding, incredible sunsets can be found in Southwestern New Mexico at Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve.

Schools, organizations and individuals seeking an outdoor classroom environment are encouraged to inquire. Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve offers the perfect setting for organizations seeking a quiet remote setting for retreats.

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